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Yorozuya is famous as an old restaurant with an attached inn established in 1909, over 100 years ago.You can enjoy view of garden from every room and its fittings and ornaments, etc. remains atmosphere of good old days, so you can relax tranquilly in it.The dishes are made of seasonal ingredients, and menus made of local foods such as vegetables and chicken meat are very popular.

Located in the city area near JR Ayabe Station.




"Makunouchi" lunch box 2,000yen- Party dishes 4,000yen-


[Payment Method]



11:00-19:00 (Last order)









3-18 Hon-machi, Ayabe City, Kyoto





From JR Kyoto Station, take express train "Kinosaki" or "Hashidate" on "Saninhonsen" Line and get off at Ayabe Station (65 minutes). From JR Ayabe Station, 10 minutes by walk.



50 seats



Available (10 cars)


[Transportation Service]












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