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Mt. Nachi Shorekiji Temple


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"I hope to experience Japanese culture." "I hope to experience healing for my future." "I hope to reconsider myself." If you are thinking these thoughts, we want to answer your wish.

Scenery from the rooms.
Fusuma (paper sliding door) painted by Keisui Ito a hundred years ago.




5 Japanese-style room, maximum 20 people. One group per a day.



2 meals: 25,000yen (adult).

Children are free when dining with adults


[Payment Method]

Cash only



You can choose 'Game fowl' or 'Japanese many dishes'.



Refrigerator, Cooking facility, Dishes, Heater, Bedware, Bathroom, Towels, Shower, Hair dryer, Internet (Wi-Fi)


[Available Experience programs]

Zen meditation (possible even in bamboo grove), Transcribing the 'Heart Sutra', Water purifying ritual, Fire purifying ritual, Nagashi somen (Flowing noodles) *a seasonal experience, Experience of canoeing (more than 4 people / 2 hours 4,000 yen / 1 person)









Closed during Obon (mid. Aug.) and the New Year Holidays. Open about 20 days a month on average



45 Donomae Teramachi, Ayabe City, Kyoto





From JR Kyoto Station, take express train "Kinosaki" or "Hashidate" on "Saninhonsen" Line and get off at Ayabe Station (65 minutes), and then 30 minutes by walk.


[Pick up service]



About 20 cars



Japanese, English








Able to reserve until 1 week before. You can pay when you check out. Cancellation fee is 100 % from 3 days before.



It is also possible to cook your own meals using the stone oven in the garden. There is a large kitchen. You can cook meals together.



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