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This restaurant is housed in a restored machiya townhouse, formerly the spacious residence of a doctor in the early Showa Era (1926-1989), on the corner of Nishimachi and Hirokoji in downtown Ayabe. The grand building is about 80 years old, and around the entryway is bengara-koshi (narrow vertical latticework), while to the sides are imposing fences. Inside, in a two-floored space with an open atrium, is a large pine table, with most seats being chairs at the table, while there are also counter seat and box seats. You can look at trees in the courtyard garden through the window while enjoying your meal. Food is primarily Western-style, served in a charming, spacious environment.

Inside of the restaurant renovated an old country-style house.
Looking out at the beautiful garden.
The external appearance of the style is characterized by a red color lattice called "bengara-koshi".
The beautifule dishes



"Shanzerize" Western corse menu 3,500yen, Japanese beef steak lunch 2,500yen, "Hirokoji" lunch set 1,800yen

[Payment Method]



Lunch 11:00〜16:00(14:00 Last order) Dinner 17:00-22:00(21:00 Last order) Regular holiday is Wednesday.






1-2 Hirokoji, Ayabe City, Kyoto



From JR Kyoto Station, take express train "Kinosaki" or "Hashidate" on "Saninhonsen" Line and get off at Ayabe Station (65 minutes). From JR Ayabe Station, 7 minutes by walk.


107 seats. There are some private rooms, Japanesestyle sitting room (20 people) and Western style room on the 2nd floor (10/20 people).


Available(15 cars)

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Phone 0773-21-6745 / Mr.Kuchu (person in charge)

(c) 綾部農泊推進地域協議会 / Ayabe Farm Stay Promotion Council

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