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KOZO is the plant used by the artist of KUROTANI village whichi is WASHI (hand made paper) making place in Ayabe. You can experience making MOCHI (rice cake) using leaf of KOZO. At first you pound MOCHI by KINE (pestle) and USU (mortal), and then roll it. After the experience you can eat fresh one.

It will be a good exercise to pound MOCHI by KINE and USU.
You will enjoy talking with local women while experience.
It's hard to make MOCHI a ball-shaped with hand.



3,850 yen per one person (2-3 hours).

[Payment Method]

Cash only

[Minimum number of guests]

2 people


AM or PM

Reservation required


Holidays aren't fixed.




1-3 Shiroyama Yatsuai-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto



From JR Kyoto Station, take express train "Kinosaki" or "Hashidate" on Sanin Line and get off at Ayabe Station (65 minutes). From JR Ayabe Station, take Aya Bus Kanbayashi Line and get off at Teramachi bus stop (33 minutes), and then 3 minutes by walk.









English speaking guide is available (additional cost 6,000 yen. 2-3 hours.)

Phone 0773-21-6745 / Mr.Kuchu (person in charge)

(c) 綾部農泊推進地域協議会 / Ayabe Farm Stay Promotion Council

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