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Chinese medicinal café operated by Chinese medicine pharmacy|Yakuzen-chaya Yu-yu

Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.

Name of facility : Yakuzen-chaya Yu-yu Visit date :2020/7/25 Visitor name : Sazonov Maxim

At Yakuzen-chaya Yuyu, they offer Chinese medicine tea which suitable for you, based on their concept ‘a balanced diet leads to a healthy body’.

The atmosphere is very nice, and I think that it is very rare and interesting for overseas customers.

It might be interesting just to look inside the store because of it retro style.

There is also a large garden, and very nice to gaze at it while resting.

In addition to medicine tea, you can try Soup curry mixed with Chinese medicine and Soup mixed with Chinese medicine. And those are easy on the body.

I think overseas (mainly western) travelers are always interested in traditional oriental treatment methods and I think it is a very suitable shop for tourists.

It is not an ordinary café, you can consult with a pharmacist who specializes in Chinese medicine about your health and lifestyle.

The café made from a renovated old Japanese house from 120 years ago. It has a quaint atmosphere so you can relax and enjoy Chinese medicine.

I was so impressed that a pharmacist specializing in Chinese medicine has a skills and knowledges to diagnose at a glance and preparing medicine.

In addition, pharmacist only looked at my complexion and color then advised me on what I need to pay attention.

The medicine I got worked well, it stopped my cough which had been distressed with.

A pharmacist specializing in Chinese medicine will ask you in detail about your feeling and physical condition at that time. It will also lead to a good opportunity to reevaluate your lifestyle.

I recommend visiting the café.

The stuff at the café are very kind so I think you can relax and take a rest.

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Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Sazonov Maxim

From Russia, came to Japan in 2018.

He likes to visit countryside in Japan and interested in Japanese culture and history.

His hobbies are Japanese martial arts (Jodo) and to do calligraphy.


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