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Store-grown pesticide-free rice is used for their bread at the bakery |Yume no naka no kaji

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Bakery & Café 'Yume no naka no kaji' Visit date : 2020/10/17 Visitor name : Thi Minh Chau Do

Bakery & Café Yume no naka no kaji is located in Itsuai-cho, Ayabe city. Their natural yeast rice flour bread with a chewy texture is used their own harvested rice and it is very famous.

I went to the bakery in a freezing rainy morning.

I was so surprised that there were long lines of cars and people.

The bakery is pretty, and it seems like I was joining in a movie took in 1980s.

All café menu such as Shrimp cullet hamburger and Bacon & Egg Pancake are used selected ingredients so those looks very delicious. We recommend store-roasted coffee as well.

The talking sounds, warm golden light, and fresh baking smells in the shop were so contrasted to the silence, cold and wet outside.

Inside the shop, there are shelves and centered counter filled with various kind of bread, sandwiches, cakes and even donuts, and the shop was filled with nice smell.

Interior design at the store is stylish and used country decoration. The interior reminds of the United States of the 1980s and inside the store is photogenic.

The special thing about their breads are they are totally made from rice flour, not wheat flour as usual.

The breads, hand-made from their own harvested rice, are amazingly soft, chewy and thick in structure, so different from normal wheat flour bread.

From the café area, you will be able to relax and enjoy the view of rich nature in Kanbayashi area. American breakfast can be enjoyed in the countryside of Japan.

Besides, they have the café area for those who wants to enjoy breakfast or lunch at the shop.

American breakfast was very delicious.

Other than rice flour bread, you will be able to enjoy sandwiches, cakes and nice smell of fresh-baked bread. Sometimes those will be sold out before lunch time.

I enjoyed breakfast while watching rice fields and smoky mountains from the window.

When we leave the shop at around 11:30, the shelves and counter were almost empty.

That was unforgettable memory of a local bakery.

I heard from my local host that there are guests who drive a long way even from Osaka just to enjoy the breads and upload a photo on their Instagram.

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Thi Minh Chau Do

From Vietnam, came to Japan in 2014.

She likes kindness and hospitality of Japanese people.

Her hobbies are travelling, reading and cooking.


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