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Enjoy trekking in rich nature|Trekking in the Chestnut(TOCHI-NO-KI) Forest area

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Trekking in the Chestnut(TOCHI-NO-KI) Forest area Visit date : 2020/10/24 Visitor name : Nathaniel Hoy

The beginning of the trail

Ayabe City has a number of recommended trekking trails

throughout the city.

When I visited I was lucky enough to have almost perfect weather and

a chance to one of the trails in the Chestnut(TOCHI-NO-KI) Forest area.

The Chestnut Forest area is a protected area containing about 800 of chestnut trees that have been collected by locals for a very long time.

Many of the trees are hundreds of years old and a few are

even 1,000 years old.

Along the trail

Starting at the Koya Community Center located a 45-minute drive from Ayabe Station are a number of trekking options for any age and ability.

The main area where the chestnut trees(TOCHI-NO-KI) are located

is fairly easy to reach.

But the trail can get very steep in places.

So, appropriate footwear and clothing are recommended.

Up we go!

While a trekking guide is recommended,

people with experience in the mountains should be fine on most of the trails on their own or in small groups.

When I visited, my guide and I walked a loop course that took us up and around through the chestnut(TOCHI-NO-KI) groove.

Even outside of the prime season the scenery was stunning.

Near the top

Including a short stop to eat lunch at the highest point on the trail

we took we were able to do the loop in two hours.

Our time was definitely on the fast side and a good 3-3.5 hours should be budgeted for most people to complete the same loop.

It is also recommended to bring plenty of water and any food you may need as it is not possible to purchase anything nearby before you start.

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▼Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Nathaniel Hoy

From United States of America, came to Japan in 2005

He likes Japanese countryside, Japanese sake, Japanese food,

onsens and Shorinji Kempo.

His hobbies are running, reading and, Japanese sake.


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