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A handmade soba noodle restaurant known to those in the know|Soba-no-hana


Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.

Name of facility : Soba-no-hana Visit date : 2020/7/25 Visitor name : Sazonov Maxim

The Soba noodles, which the owner mills buckwheat seeds with stone mill and cooks, have unique chewy texture and is filling. You can enjoy Juwari soba (100% buckwheat flour) in ‘Monobe Soba noodle’ and ‘Soba noodle with duck’ and their individual dishes such as Japanese style rolled omelet.

‘Soba no hana’ is in Kamiyata-cho, Ayabe city.

It is a handmade soba noodles restaurant and has a very traditional atmosphere.

I think it is suitable for both small groups and big groups.

‘Soba no Hana’ is known to those in the know and those fans come from Kansai area and its environs. The area where this restaurant is located has a quaint atmosphere. Also, it is surrounded by rich nature and you can feel Japanese countryside atmosphere.

There is a wood-burning stove inside.

You can feel the real atmosphere of a peasant house and countryside.

The pottery is handmade by a potter and it is a custom order to make it easier to eat soba noodles.

The restaurant made from a renovated old Japanese house and there are works created by local potters as interior. You can relax in a stylish and calm atmosphere.

It seems it is difficult to talk with the owner in English or other language but if you can speak Japanese, you can enjoy not only fresh and delicious soba dishes, but also listening to his interesting stories about the soba.

We listened a variety of explanations about the types of soba seeds and what kind of noodles can be made from that.

There are table seats and seats on tatami mat which is suitable for both family with children and large groups. Its unique point to the restaurant is you can enjoy talking with friendly owner about Soba.

Owner is very particular about the ingredients and uses soba from Hokkaido, which is very tasty.

The restaurant is located little far from station, so I recommend going there by car.

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Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Sazonov Maxim

From Russia, came to Japan in 2018.

He likes to visit countryside in Japan and interested in Japanese culture and history.

His hobbies are Japanese martial arts (Jodo) and to do calligraphy.

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