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A temple you can stay overnight to practice and experience Japanese culture|Shorekiji Temple

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Mt. Nachi Shorekiji Temple Visit date : 2020/10/8 Visitor name : Sazonov Maxim

One of unique experiences at the temple is a Zen meditation. You might be able to find your new self by facing yourself away from the bustle of daily life.

You will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and chief priest will tell you interesting story at this temple.

It is not far from city center but surrounded by rich nature so you will be released from stress.

They accept only one group per day as an accommodation. Tourists from overseas can be accommodated as well. You will be able to enjoy the view of Yura river and full of nature from the window and it looks different in each season.

I heard a lot of stories about Buddhism and life of a monk while drinking coffee.

It was a good opportunity to learn a lot about the temple and Buddhism.

The scenery from the window was very nice and I would like to stay overnight.

Depending on the weather, you will be able to try Zen meditation in the bamboo forest. The experience will be something different from usual one to practice Zen meditation while hearing birds voice and voice of the wind in the comfortable space.

It was a rainy day I visited but the chief priest asked me to walk in the bamboo forest and I heard about Zen meditation in bamboo forest.

After back to main temple, I tried Zen meditation.

It was my first time, so the chief priest explained me about origin,

meaning and effect of Zen meditation while I was practicing Zen meditation.

By calming my mind, I was really relaxed even for a few minutes.

It is a historic temple founded by Kuya Shonin in 942 during the Heian period. The chief priest will explain about Buddhism, which has a deep connection with our lives for a long time.

For people who wish to know about Japanese culture and Buddhism very well, I think it would be a great experience.

I really recommend visiting the temple.

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▼Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Sazonov Maxim

From Russia, came to Japan in 2018.

He likes to visit countryside in Japan and interested in Japanese culture and history.

His hobbies are Japanese martial arts (Jodo) and to do calligraphy.


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