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An accommodation in the village at the source of the river filled in nature|Local Life Ichishi

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Local Life Ichishi Visit date : 2020/10/16 Visitor name : Thi Minh Chau Do

All furniture can be used and there are many ways to enjoy your stay such as bringing in ingredients and cooking.

The accommodation's location is in mountain side,

so it is totally private and nice for a family on vacation.

A little distance from city center,

so I recommend that you make a reservation for their pick-up service from Omachi bus terminal or Higashi-Maizuru station in advance

if needed.

It takes about 20 minutes from Omachi bus terminal and

about 30 minutes from Higashi-Maizuru station.

There are woody interior and you can feel warm atmosphere. It recommended for those who would like to stay like locals and it is different from hotel.

The house itself is very spacious and friendly Japanese design

with many kitchen utensils.

It is a good experience for those who are curious about

how local people's house looks like.

The whole house is quite cold even in autumn,

but there is a wood stove which can be used very easy and safe.

It worked quite well, so I could stay warm and comfortable.

Local Life Ichishi is in Ichishi, the village at the source of the river. There is a stream in front of it and you can stay in the area surrounded by pure water and rich nature.

There are 2 rooms, so I think it would be nice to stay for 3 people

but the single bed is little far from wood stove,

so it might be nice to sleep on the sofa next to fireplace

instead of sleep on the single bed.

For amenities, you will need to bring your own towel, hair dryer, Wi-Fi, etc., so I recommend checking with the accommodation what you will need to bring before you go.

There is a wood stove in living room so you can stay comfortably even in winter. You can be relaxed while watching flame.

Overall, it was a good experience staying at Local Life Ichishi.

You will be able to enjoy playing in the river nearby and watching fireflies,

and you can also have a BBQ on the wooden deck during summer.

I think summer and early autumn will be the best season to visit.

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Thi Minh Chau Do

From Vietnam, came to Japan in 2014.

She likes kindness and hospitality of Japanese people.

Her hobbies are travelling, reading and cooking.


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