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A tea shop where you will be able to enjoy authentic matcha tea|Chatsubo Yoshida

Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.

Name of facility : Chatsubo Yoshida Visit date : 2020/7/25 Visitor name : Sazonov Maxim

At Chatsubo Yoshida, you can easily enjoy authentic matcha and meals. Anyone can make matcha on own without caring manners.

Chatsubo Yoshida is a small tea shop in Ayabe city.

Antique furniture lined up in the store creates calm retro atmosphere.

I think its Japanese traditional style is perfect for overseas visitors.

It may be difficult to visit by large groups, but it seems perfect for family and individual travelers.

There are table seats and seats on tatami mats. The restaurant is popular so it's recommended to make a reservation.

The cafe was very clean and calm.

The staff was very kind and hospitality was great.

The meal was a substantial meal and very delicious.

A lot of vegetables and homemade pickles were used here, and the meal ingredients seem to be well balanced.

Even the vessel was beautiful.

Meal is well balanced and mainly cooked with ingredients harvested in Ayabe. At lunchtime, there is also a lunch set menu with a half-size cake, and it was a substantial meal.

In addition, Japanese tea used to be sold at this shop so you can also experience tea ceremony and make matcha tea by yourself.

I think it will be a very interesting experience for international visitors.

There are antique interiors in the store and the store has a retro and calm atmosphere. It was used to be a store for tea and tea utensils but now it turned into relaxing café loved by locals.

Also, you can relax while you wait for your order.

It is better to make a reservation in advance because they are always busy.

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Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Sazonov Maxim

From Russia, came to Japan in 2018.

He likes to visit countryside in Japan and interested in Japanese culture and history.

His hobbies are Japanese martial arts (Jodo) and to do calligraphy.

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