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Ayabe Rice ball experience connects you with locals|Ayabe Rice ball making experience

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Ayabe Rice ball experience (Hotels where you can experience Ayabe Rice ball making) Visit date : 2020/10/26 Visitor name : Nathaniel Hoy

Everything needed to make rice balls

If you spend anytime at all in Japan you are sure to see rice balls.

They can be found anywhere from convenience stores,

to children's lunchboxes to the menus of high end restaurants.

While in English they are call rice balls,

in Japan they are traditional shaped into triangles.

Let's give it a shot

Rice balls can be filled with a wide variety of fillings or be as simple as only rice.

When making a rice ball with fresh rice they are often dusted with salt before eating.

While the rice ball may look simple to make, but it is not.

Can you guess which is mine?

'Sevens Home'(Farm Stay) offers a small rice ball experience that lets you try to make your own.

Getting the right shape while avoiding having more rice sticking to your hands then in your rice ball is something that requires lots of practice.

While living in Japan for over 10 years I have eaten more rice balls than I can count, but the one made with fresh rice, shaped by my own hands and dusted in salt have to be one of the best rice balls I have ever eaten.

This is the goal

To be perfectly honest, my rice balls were much closer to ball shaped than triangle shaped and I ended up with a large amount of rice sticking to my hands.

'Sevens Home'(Farm Stay) is located about 10km from Ayabe Station and offers a variety of experiences, as well as a chance to experience a Japanese homestay.

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↓Hotels where you can experience Ayabe Rice ball making

↓Seventh Home (Farm stay)

▼Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Nathaniel Hoy

From United States of America, came to Japan in 2005

He likes Japanese countryside, Japanese sake, Japanese food,

onsens and Shorinji Kempo.

His hobbies are running, reading and, Japanese sake.


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