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A popular Soba restaurant in local area|Ajiki-do

【Report by the foreigner who knows Ayabe well.】

Name of facility : Ajiki-do Visit date : 2020/10/25 Visitor name : Nathaniel Hoy

Ajiki-do Menu

For a simple yet delicious meal you cannot do better than with a visit to Ajiki-do in Ayabe City.

Located in a traditional Japanese home roughly a 20-minute drive from Ayabe Station, Ajiki-do has been serving incredibly tasty soba since opening in 2015.

Hidden in a small home in a small neighborhood, Ajiki-do is a true hidden gem.

The staff are very friendly and will make you feel like you are visiting their home instead of a shop.

Ajiki-do Indoor Seating

All handmade soba noodles are made from scratch.

The menu includes all the regular soba options you can find at other soba restaurants as well as a rotating menu featuring seasonal toppings.

Ajiki-do Chicken Soba

When I visited the duck season (my favorite) was just about to begin.

Instead I had the chicken soba which was fantastic.

Since moving to Japan it was one of my best soba meals ever.

As I side order I shared a large Japanese omelet and a side order of roasted duck with my friend.

Both were very good.

Ajiki-do Side Menu

Ajiki-do can get very busy so reservations are recommended especially on weekends and national holidays.

Aijiki-do has a few low Japanese tables inside as well as a small picnic-bench style seating outside.

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▼Visitor profileーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

Nathaniel Hoy

From United States of America, came to Japan in 2005

He likes Japanese countryside, Japanese sake, Japanese food,

onsens and Shorinji Kempo.

His hobbies are running, reading and, Japanese sake.


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