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Making KONNYAKU by using a rocket stove at Origin


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KONNYAKU is one of “Must have” ingredients when we cook Japanese cuisine. It is made of Konnyaku potato. It will be jelly like starch. You can make KONNYAKU using a natural material.It takes about one hour to boil, so we use rocket stove for saving energy. Through this experience you can learn how to use a rocket stove. It is useful for saving energy and against disaster. Enjoy tasting KONNYAKU with MISO and then you can bring it back to home.




1,200 yen for adult, 600 yen for under 6 years. 1 adult bring kids up to 2. souvenir is only for adult.


[Payment Method]

VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, Discover


[Minimum number of guests]




9:30 (Between Jul and Sep), 13:00 (between Oct and Jun). duration is 120 minutes





Japanese, English



7-1 Mukaisumi Mutsuyori cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto





Take JR from Kyoto to Ayabe, then transfer to local bus (Kambayashi Line) to Ayabe Yamanoie. then walk about 5 minutes. By driving, 30 minutes from Kyotamba Wachi IC and also Ayabe IC











Need to be reserved 5 days before. Pay on that day. Cancellation fee is 20 % for 3 days before, 50% on that date. 100% after event starts or No-show





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